We’re born innovators, passionate about using consumer insights and anticipating trends to fulfil our promise; ‘to bring happiness to the world with every bite’. This, combined with our rapid speed to market, enables us to bring products from idea to shelf quickly, so they’re available fast for consumers all over the world.
The key to this is agility and collaboration. To create products our consumers really want, we collaborate across everything we do: across research, businesses, markets and categories. We create partnerships, networks and technology to make this happen – we innovate in the way we do things, as well as the products we create.
This isn’t just talk.

Since we were formed in 2016, we’ve delivered a series of successful product innovations in the biscuit and chocolate categories, including GODIVA Masterpieces developed especially for grocery channels, McVitie’s Nibbles and McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive Thins – all products which have fast become firm favourites in our main anchor markets.

And innovation doesn’t end with commercial ideas – we’re always looking to create new ways of working together too.