Purpose & values

“Happiness starts with each and every one of us – whether producing, selling marketing, communicating, etc. If we are happy, it’s easier to make our customers happy”
Murat Ulker, Chairman, pladis

We promise happiness to the world with every bite.
This simple, yet unswerving, ambition is behind every product we create and every sale we make.
It’s in our DNA – spreading happiness is at the heart of our shared heritage and behind the success of each of our founding families’ iconic brands.
There’s a great story behind each one.

Take the Ulker brothers, who realised as World War II was ending that children had forgotten (or never tasted) the flavour of sweet, delicious biscuits. They started baking in a small atelier in Istanbul, transforming their dream of creating happy moments for people into reality.

At heart, we are a family business, and we retain the honesty, integrity and trust instilled in our brands by their pioneering founders through our traits and behaviours

We also retain the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders and use it to inspire our start-up culture. Each of us is challenged to act like we own our business and choose what’s right for consumers, every single day.