Our brands





Brands introduction

While you may not yet know the name ‘pladis’, open your cupboard doors and you’ll almost certainly find our products.
Our name is inspired by a cluster of stars seen easily wherever you are in the world – and those stars are our brands.

Global brands

Our core brand is McVitie’s, which we sell worldwide.

Alongside McVitie’s we make, market and distribute many delicious brands including Ulker and GODIVA, Carr’s, BN, Verkade and Go Ahead! We’re increasing production, expanding into new markets and imagining new recipes to suit our consumers tastes.

Each one of these brands has an extraordinary story…


pladis is committed to offering products that meet consumers’ needs. And we know their needs are changing.

Where we operate

pladis is located across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, North America and Asia Pacific.