Global brands

We have three core brands – McVitie’s, Ulker and GODIVA – which we offer to consumers worldwide.

They’re much loved brands – and we’re working to make them available for more consumers in more markets across the world. We’re doing this by increasing production, expanding into new markets, improving our recipes and creating new products to suit our consumers needs.

Each one of these brands has an extraordinary story…

A well loved brand in the UK and Europe, McVitie’s has been baking delicious biscuits and cakes for over 180 years.

In 1830 apprentice baker Robert McVitie and his father William opened a ‘provision’ shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Robert’s baking was so popular the business quickly grew and as his sons and new business partners joined the company, more shops were established and the first factory was opened in 1888.

Since then McVitie’s has continued to thrive, and makes the UK’s best-selling biscuits. The iconic Digestive Biscuit was created in 1892 and is still made today using the same secret recipe.

Taste deliciousness with every McVitie’s product. Our perfect bake locks in great taste and there is always something exciting and new to taste. Why not try McVitie’s Thins or McVitie’s Nibbles today.

Ulker, whose history goes back to 1944, is the number one biscuit and confectionery brand in Turkey and the Middle East. It was founded by Sabri and Asim Ulker, brothers whose parents immigrated to Turkey from Crimea. They started in a small bakery where they created the first Potibor (petit beurre) biscuits, and have today grown to be a leading confectionery brand.

The brothers wanted to bring happiness to everyone through their delicious products, creating a company policy to sell Ulker products at affordable prices. By making affordable, accessible and delicious products, Ulker has become part of the daily lives of Turkish families.

While the business has grown to have a substantial presence in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, it remains committed to the same principles and values that the company began with over 70 years ago.

GODIVA is a symbol of luxury and prestige the world over. In 1926, when Pierre Draps Senior first handcrafted praline chocolates in the workshop of his Brussels home, the smooth, creamy GODIVA praline chocolate was born

Since then, the GODIVA brand has been synonymous with luxury chocolate sold in its boutiques world-wide – and it still is.

The range was designed specifically for the grocery trade and supermarkets, to make the beautiful complexity of GODIVA’s signature chocolate taste accessible to millions of new consumers.