Our people

At pladis, we believe in giving equal opportunities to everyone.

Providing an inclusive environment and promoting a diversity of thinking, we respect each other’s distinctive qualities and perspectives. We are a family business with family bonds and values. In line with our ‘central’ Idea, we promise happy moments and a bright future to all our employees.

There is an inherent happiness in the food products we produce and the way we delight people, and bring generations together. We are determined to make sure that the feeling of happiness is contagious to all at pladis, which helps us maintain high satisfaction levels among our employees.

It’s through happiness that we empower our people at pladis.


You’ll find pladis a great place to work. Everyone who works here is a member of the pladis global family.  We pride ourselves on giving everyone the chance to succeed and we value each individual’s contribution.

We’re an equal opportunities employer and believe in fostering an inclusive environment where we celebrate diversity of thinking and respect everyone’s distinctive qualities and perspectives.



  • We take part. We take initiative. We unleash our passion. We energise each other to leverage the power of our local understanding and our global footprint.
  • We stay close to our consumers and customers. By observing, listening and immersing ourselves into their worlds, we anticipate the future.
  • We step out of our territory to understand our interconnected business from production through sales.

This is what we call G0YA.

0 Defect 

  • We strive for excellence in all we do. Continuously learning, improving and raising our global standards to be the best.
  • We relentlessly focus on achieving outstanding quality. Respecting our customers and consumers, our people and the planet on the journey.

This is what we call 0 Defect.


  • Through collaboration and synergy we learn, grow and succeed as individuals and as one.
  • We champion different perspectives because they make us more innovative and entrepreneurial.
  • We inspire and empower our employees and celebrate their success.
  • We are more than the sum of our parts.

This is what we call Alignment.


  • We set high targets and turn challenges and obstacles into opportunities to achieve greater results.
  • We aspire to lead in everything we do. Whether satisfying customers or employees – we always strive for the top.
  • Our attitude is to win, our goal is to outperform.

This is what we call Leader.

Code of Conduct

We put great emphasis on trust, transparency and respect at pladis. In all that we do we value integrity and encourage an inclusive, celebratory environment.

Each member of the pladis family speaks their mind freely, behaves within the framework of universal ethics, laws and regulations and bases their decisions on responsibility and accountability as well as the pladis policies.

Our values guide us, our code leads us, and our good judgment shapes our behaviours.