Why pladis

As proud bakers and chocolatiers and custodians of loved global brands, we don’t compromise on the quality of ingredients in our products. And when you’re creating a globally successful company like pladis, talented individuals at all levels are a crucial ingredient. It’s the people at pladis who make our company something new, different and poised to disrupt our industry. They are the secret ingredient that makes us unique.

Innovative ideas

Our ambition is to deliver happy moments to all our stakeholders in every corner of the world. We have an ever-evolving entrepreneurial spirit – creating and taking advantage of new opportunities, quickly adapting to changing demands and environments, pushing the boundaries of innovation, doing it with courage, right first time and every time. At the heart of our unique approach is our commitment to our consumers – understanding what they want to eat and baking it delicious!






Winning traits and behaviours

Our culture is unique – we have a large global footprint with the heart and soul of a start-up company. It’s this culture that distinguishes us from our competitors. We’re not afraid to try new things, to experiment and strive for the impossible. Sometimes we make mistakes (we’re human!) – and we use this to learn and push ourselves forward.

Entrepreneurial spirit

“Entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with taking risks. You might think there is nothing wrong with playing it safe and ordinary, but doing extraordinary work is what puts you on the map. You can do ordinary and be fine for a while but only until some disruptive rival comes and overthrows you”
Murat Ulker, Chairman, pladis

Diversity at pladis

Diversity and inclusion is central to everything we do and is reflected across our business. pladis brings together brands and people from around the globe – and this diversity is our great strength.

Global careers

We recruit people based on their strengths and their potential – and ensure we offer a level playing field for all, whatever their background. We also know that diversity is strength.