Diversity at pladis

Diversity and inclusion is central to everything we do and is reflected across our business. pladis brings together brands and people from around the globe – and this diversity is our great strength.

We recognise that we need diversity in our teams too – we couldn’t create our much-loved products without our end-to-end team, and the more diversity we have, the more creative we can be.

From the very beginning we have fostered an inclusive environment that people of all backgrounds want to join, feel that they can bring their whole selves to, and are able to maximise their potential regardless of their gender, economic background, age or any other characteristic. This is a central tenet of our global Code of Conduct and our Winning Traits and Behaviours which are embodied by our colleagues.
To drive this culture – and take sustainable action on improving female representation at management levels – we have this year established a Diversity and Inclusion Forum.

In the UK three of our seven factories are led by female general managers. Our Gender Pay Gap is 9.6%, versus a national average of 18.4%.

We are a business in which women can, and do, thrive: and we have a graduate programme with a primary aim of leadership development. We know we have further to go – and we are committed to talking about this openly and getting there together. Learn about how mentoring led one of our graduates to becoming a factory manager in Romania:
Morven Burden joined what was then United Biscuits in August 2012, fresh out of university. It was her first job and she had never been in a factory before. But now, aged 27, she is the factory manager of our operation in Romania.
“I can’t speak highly enough of the company and its approach to leadership development. If you show your potential and desire to succeed, they offer endless support in helping you reach your goals. There are great mentors around the business, an open culture of feedback, and regular talent mapping to help you progress along your chosen path. I have worked in depth across all the UK sites, and also been to several of our sites in Turkey. Aside from our factory locations, I have also been involved in projects to supply product in countries ranging from Israel to America, and Australia to Russia. I love working with people from around the world to understand the different approaches then trying to balance market requirements with regional capabilities to enable sales.” says Morven about her experience at pladis.