Entrepreneurial spirit

“Entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with taking risks. You might think there is nothing wrong with playing it safe and ordinary, but doing extraordinary work is what puts you on the map. You can do ordinary and be fine for a while but only until some disruptive rival comes and overthrows you”

Murat Ulker, Chairman, pladis

Our pladis story is one of entrepreneurialism. Many of our brands were started by an individual with a spark of inspiration and the courage to follow this. These founders were not afraid to experiment and knew how to quickly create products that consumers loved.

We believe it’s important to keep this spirit alive – which is why we embrace a “founders’ mindset” in everything we do. Whatever their role, our colleagues challenge themselves every day with one simple question; “would I be doing this if this was my business?”. If the answer is “no” we ask people to find another way.

Our founders did not succeed by succumbing to bureaucracy or defining themselves by a job description. They were focused on the consumer – they rolled up their sleeves and did whatever they needed to do to create, market and sell the best products they could.

And that’s what we continue to do today. We are the enemy of “this is how it’s always been done”. And in a rapidly changing world, we know this is the secret to success.