Innovative ideas

Innovation is in our blood. Our global brands would not continue to thrive over decades without constant innovation and reinvention.

We know that great ideas can come from anywhere and at any time – and we empower our people to think big and speak up. It’s a vital part of the entrepreneurial culture our founders created for us. And it’s great fun!

As well as challenging our people to act as if pladis were their own business, we’ve developed practical ways of teasing out innovative ideas.
Ideastars – our idea generating programme – harnesses the power of the “hive mind” by encouraging our people to submit ideas about specific areas or particular challenges. From new product ideas to “blind lunches” with colleagues, we have proof that pladisians always know best!

At our annual ‘Innoday’, teams present new product ideas and we vote on which ones to take forward.

And innovation isn’t just about business – it’s also about giving back to the community. On our annual ‘Make Happy Be Happy’ day we challenge our employees to give back to their communities and find creative ways of delivering happiness. From fund raising for good local causes, to random acts of kindness towards their colleagues, pladisians are always looking for new ways to make the world feel good.