Why pladis

As proud bakers and chocolatiers and custodians of loved global brands, we don’t compromise on the quality of ingredients in our products. And when you’re creating a globally successful company like pladis, talented individuals at all levels are a crucial ingredient. It’s the people at pladis who make our company something new, different and poised to disrupt our industry. They are the secret ingredient that makes us unique.

At pladis we see everyone, whatever their role, as talent and at the heart of our winning recipe for success. We aim to give everyone the opportunity to realise their potential at pladis and have created guiding principles for how we manage and develop our people (not to mention reward performance).

We put great emphasis on trust, transparency and respect at pladis. In all that we do we value integrity and encourage an inclusive, celebratory environment.

Each member of the pladis family speaks their mind freely, behaves within the framework of universal ethics, laws and regulations and bases their decisions on responsibility and accountability as well as the pladis policies.

Our values guide us, our code leads us, and our good judgment shapes our behaviours.

  • We believe in giving equal opportunities to everyone and respecting each other’s distinctive qualities and perspectives.
  • We track the diversity of our workforce, challenge any bias we find in decision- making and actively recruit for and develop underrepresented talent.
  • We aim to provide an inclusive environment and remind and encourage all our colleagues to be conscious of any bias, unconscious or otherwise.
  • Our Code of Conduct sets out a clear standard of conduct that places emphasis on our trust, transparency, respect and integrity.
  • More broadly, our focus, and a key element of the culture we are building, is on promoting diversity of thinking rather than focusing simply on gender, age or ethnicity numbers.


We pride ourselves on giving everyone the chance to succeed and we value everyone’s contribution.

We’re an equal opportunities employer and believe in fostering an inclusive environment where we celebrate diversity of thinking and respect everyone’s distinctive qualities and perspectives.

With this in mind:

  • We recruit school leavers and graduates through a range of apprenticeship and graduate programmes, depending on markets.
  • We actively promote our brand and our opportunities on the web, through traditional recruitment channels and through social media.
  • We also have an active direct hiring programmes.
    We actively seek out and then develop future potential in colleagues at all levels through our talent management and development programmes.
  • We develop our colleagues through formal and less formal, global and local, internal and external training programmes, through job assignments, on-the-job mentoring and project work.