Winning traits and behaviours

Our culture is unique – we have a large global footprint with the heart and soul of a start-up company. It’s this culture that distinguishes us from our competitors. We’re not afraid to try new things, to experiment and strive for the impossible. Sometimes we make mistakes (we’re human!) – and we use this to learn and push ourselves forward.

At the core of our culture are our winning traits and behaviours – the code every pladisian lives and works by. These are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders.
Talk to anyone at pladis and we’re confident you’ll find them:

• Agile – able to move quickly to make our consumers happy
• Collaborative – understanding that “we” is more powerful than “I”
• Purpose led – focused on delivering happiness with every bite
• Resilient – able to thrive in a challenging, fast-paced world
• Positive – looking for solutions, not problems

That’s just who we are.