Our promise

“We promise the world happiness with every bite.”

At pladis, we have been making snacks good for generations.
We have a commitment and responsibility to continue to do so.
But what makes good snacks is changing.
At pladis, our rapid innovation and diverse people make the snacks that bring happiness today and will taste and feel good for generations to come.


pladis’s basic understanding constitutes bringing happiness to consumers, while meeting the different expectations and needs of the consumers from various geographies around the world with a rich product range…

Responsible supply chain

At pladis, we comply with all legal requirements; both global legislations and local regulations in the markets that we operate in around the world. We comply with relevant laws and regulations, follow and implement state-of-the-art GMP (good manufacturing practices), food safety and quality systems and rules. We respect consumers’ diversity, preferences and sensitivities, especially concerning religious and dietary requirements.

Health and wellbeing

Our aim is to be a relevant snacking player in a modern world of increasingly health conscious consumers by providing a range of nutritionally advantaged snacks that meet every snacking occasion needs…








Resource effiency

We are committed to improving our environmental footprint and that of our supply chain as we strive to leave a happy world to future generations…

Food safety

As a global business, we of course have many laws and regulations to follow, we have Good Manufacturing Practices to abide by as well as food safety and quality systems to uphold. As we innovate and expand in the global food trade, we will continue to be a responsible manufacturer and work with authorities, academia, scientists, nutritionists and suppliers to ensure safety and quality at every stage of the food chain…