We promise happiness to the world with every bite.

Rather than calling it mission or vision, we call it our central idea.

pladis’s basic understanding constitutes bringing happiness to consumers, while meeting the different expectations and needs of the consumers from various geographies around the world with a rich product range.


Happiness for:

  • consumers (creating happiness and satisfaction with affordable quality products within arm’s reach)
  • customers (providing best in services and delivery)
  • employees (best place to work)
  • shareholders/investors (creating value and ROI)
  • suppliers (consistently building and maintaining strategic, trusting and long term partnerships)
  • planet and environment (caring for them as much as we care about our business)
  • society (giving back to societies even more than they have given us)


The world – covers all that we touch (lives and the well-being and resources of our planet, consumers, customers, employees; our global reach)


Every biteemphasises the consistency in all of our services and products we deliver + consistency in the experience we create, expresses value for money + we build and grow this company “bite by bite”


How we operate

Almost unique to the snacking category, pladis has the technical strength and capability to play across the full global snacking spectrum, spanning cake, biscuits, chocolate, gum and candy.

To capitalise on these strengths, we are investing in new high-tech centres such as our specialist Baking R&D Centre in the UK and a Chocolate R&D Centre in Belgium; we’ve also got a multi-skilled R&D Centre in Turkey and are investing in open innovation and partnerships with a number of universities and research organisations.

We are a strong R&D organisation with a hybrid operating model driving a joined up approach, with globally focused category centres and strong cross category regional teams

We are improving existing recipes, creating new products and introducing new formats of timeless favourites, to suit consumers’ changing lifestyles. Anchor markets in the UK and Turkey, as well as regional hubs including Belgium are exploring cross-category innovation across the full snacking spectrum – baked goods (sweet, savoury and cake) and confectionery (chocolate, gum and candy).

We are working to take products from concept-to-shelf quicker than the sector standard – it takes pladis around six months to roll out a new product, compared to 1.5-2 years which is the sector standard.

We will continue to shape our business, from manufacturing to marketing activity, to suit the requirements of the markets we operate in. We have the agility at a global scale to react to new market conditions and make change where necessary in order to thrive. The shape of manufacturing has changed over the last 20 years and it will of course change again over the next 20. We will change as well, in order to meet and exceed consumer demand for our delicious products.

We are a family business and we care about our people, products and planet

As a family company dedicated to stewarding brands with hundreds of years’ heritage, our commitment to responsible and accountable behaviour runs deep. Whether in a factory or among the community, our business and our employees act with kindness and respect.

We believe that transparent communications with our consumers, our customers and our suppliers, as well as always delivering exceptional service, is essential.

Throughout our rich brand history we have always given generously to the communities we operate in. We are proud to support children to have active lives, to give to food banks for people in need and to respond in times of crisis.

As a global company that prides itself on working locally, pladis undertakes its philanthropic activity through its brands.

One of our founders Sabri Ulker’s words of “no matter where in the world people live, they have the right to a happy childhood” has been the motto of the company throughout the years. And this saying paved the way to numbers of projects, by which we have reached 2.4 million children so far.

We are also committed to the future of public health – we have two main entities working in this field within our parent company Yildiz Holding:

  • The Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation is aiming to create awareness on balanced diet and lifestyle among the public
  • Sabri Ülker Center within the T.H Chan Harvard School of Public Health where scientists from around the world work on the future of public health with a special focus on metabolic disorders