Resource efficiency

We continuously work to improve our environmental footprint and that of our supply chain as we strive to leave a happy world to future generations.

Our efforts to reduce waste has led to our partnership between TerraCycle and McVitie’s, which has seen the creation of a free recycling programme for any brand of biscuit wrapper.

We have committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to support efforts to combat climate change. McVitie’s has already seen a 38% reduction in carbon emissions and a 37% reduction in water consumption, with a goal of a 45% reduction for both by 2020.

Every year Ulker makes further improvements to the way it does business in order to protect the environment. In the 12 months to 2015 alone, the brand has reduced carbon emissions by 185 tonnes, saved 7,500 MWh and reduced water consumption by 9%. By 2024 the brand aims to reduce water use by 30%, improve energy efficiency by 25% and reduce carbon emissions by 40%.

Every member of the pladis family – our employees, suppliers, customers, board of directors, and all our business partners – is encouraged to take responsibility for improving our environmental impact and meeting our goals.