Responsible supply chain

At pladis, we comply with all legal requirements; both global legislations and local regulations in the markets that we operate in around the world. We comply with relevant laws and regulations, follow and implement state-of-the-art GMP (good manufacturing practices), food safety and quality systems and rules. We respect consumers’ diversity, preferences and sensitivities, especially concerning religious and dietary requirements.

We label our products transparently to inform our consumers and to enable them to make informed choices. In addition, our manufacturing sites are regularly audited, internally and externally.

Cocoa sourcing

Our leading brands, including McVitie’s, Verkade and Ulker, are members of the World Cocoa Foundation, a leading non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in the cocoa sector by providing cocoa farmers with the support they need to grow more quality cocoa and strengthen their communities. We fully support the approach and commitment made by the group which has led to increased productivity and profits for cocoa farmers, helping to ensure a sustainable supply of cocoa for generations to come.

In addition, we aim to support the economic and social development of cocoa farmers by including sustainability principles within our own supply chain. For some of our products, we buy UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa products. UTZ/Rainforest Alliance’s goal is to create an efficient sustainability program with effective certification and traceability tools for socially and environmentally responsible cocoa production that meets the needs of both producers and markets.

We welcome global efforts to safeguard a sustainable future for cocoa farming in all geographies, relieve poverty and improve the livelihoods of the farming communities. In Ghana and Ivory Coast, we also contribute, through our cocoa suppliers, to the Living Income Differential (LID) implemented in 2020 by the local governments to help improve cocoa farmers’ living income.