Our story

The pladis story began when the families of McVitie’s, GODIVA and Ulker each started making the sweet and savoury treats they would later become famous for.

The success of each family in creating products that people everywhere could enjoy, helped the brands grow into icons with large portfolios of sweet and savoury treats. When the Ulker family expanded their group of companies, Yildiz Holding, through the international acquisitions of GODIVA Chocolatier (2008), DeMet’s Candy Company (2014) and United Biscuits (2014), they brought together the family businesses that would become pladis.

In 2016, Yildiz Holding embarked on a remarkable journey to transform its consumer food businesses and created a new global industry leader: and so pladis was born, combining over 300 years of family brand heritage.

Named after the ‘Pleiades’ constellation, a group of seven stars visible from anywhere on earth, pladis retains the values and beliefs of the Ulker family; honesty, integrity, passion.

As pladis we set out each and every day to promise happiness to the world with every bite.

The world’s best loved biscuits and confectionery

pladis is home to iconic brands GODIVA, McVitie’s and Ulker. These brands make sweet treats and savoury treats that consumers everywhere recognise and enjoy. As we start on our new journey, we will continue making the biscuits and confectionery people know and expect from these brands, and we will expand their portfolios too. Together we will create new and exciting products as the pladis family – new flavours, new concepts and new ways to share happiness.

Our strength is not only in our products, it is also in our people and our values. Each of the family businesses that have united to form pladis are admired for their heritage and values. We will retain the honesty, integrity and trust instilled in our brands by our pioneering founders as we embark on the next chapter of our success.

pladis in numbers

pladis products reach approximately 4 billion people worldwide. Our operations in over 120 countries, delight consumers with products in sweet and savory biscuits, wafer, cake, chocolate, gum and candy categories. With annual revenues of £3.5 billion, pladis has 34 factories in 13 countries and employs 26,000 people.