Our world

We’re a new company with lots of heritage. Our brands have been part of consumers’ lives for more than a century and with good practices, care for our people and our communities and a commitment to making great products, we will be there for centuries to come.

Part of running a global business means taking global responsibility, and we do that through our brands and through our business.

The integrity of our business is evident in the way we work with our suppliers, source our ingredients, use new technologies, and support our communities and our employees. We’re proud to have a role to play in responsible nutrition, in preserving our environment and creating opportunities for future generations to succeed.

We value environmental sustainability



Sustainability is an important part of our business. We continuously strive to develop our sustainability credentials and our brands have dedicated affiliations to support this.

Product sourcing and supply chain

Each of our iconic brands (McVitie’s, GODIVA and Ulker) is a proud member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF). The WCF promotes a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development and environmental stewardship in cocoa-growing communities.

Looking at our companies specifically:

Is a sponsor of the farmer-support organisation PACTS (Processor Alliance for Cocoa Traceability and Sustainability), helping with water and energy improvements.

Participates in farmer-support programmes such as the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RPSO) and has achieved 100% sourcing of sustainable palm oil.

United Biscuits
After three years of strong progress towards its existing sustainability goals, United Biscuits (UB) is increasing its focus on the sustainability of the ingredients it sources. UB already sources responsibly and was one of the first companies to switch to the sourcing of sustainable palm oil, but is mindful that more than half of the carbon footprint of its products comes from its supply chain.

The procurement activities of pladis aim to support the economic and social development of cocoa farmers by including sustainability principles. In addition to our involvement with SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Database Exchange) and ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative), some of our cocoa supplies as certified by UTZ, which supports programmes for fair labour, and we expect the proportion to grow.

The environment

We continuously work to improve our environmental footprint and that of our supply chain as we strive to leave a happy world to future generations.

Our efforts to reduce waste has led to our partnership between TerraCycle and McVitie’s, which has seen the creation of a free recycling programme for any brand of biscuit wrapper.

We have committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to support efforts to combat climate change. McVitie’s has already seen a 38% reduction in carbon emissions and a 37% reduction in water consumption, with a goal of a 45% reduction for both by 2020.

Every year Ulker makes further improvements to the way it does business in order to protect the environment. In the 12 months to 2015 alone, the brand has reduced carbon emissions by 185 tonnes, saved 7,500 MWh and reduced water consumption by 9%. By 2024 the brand aims to reduce water use by 30%, improve energy efficiency by 25% and reduce carbon emissions by 40%.

Every member of the pladis family – our employees, suppliers, customers, board of directors, and all our business partners – is encouraged to take responsibility for improving our environmental impact and meeting our goals.


Innovation is at the heart of pladis and we constantly strive to improve our business in every way by embracing new ideas, new products and new technology.

With the entrepreneurial spirit inherent in each of our brands we will shape our future with new discoveries and creations, never compromising on quality. Finding partnership within our pladis family and streamlining our operations, sharing ideas and inspiring each other, will ensure a bright future for us all.

We will reach new corners of the globe and capture the hearts of even the most progressive consumers. We will be bold as we turn our aspirations into reality, we’ll be brave as we take on new challenges and we’ll strive to be brilliant in all that we do.

Our innovative ideas are already becoming a reality. McVitie’s Nibbles was the first product launched by pladis in March 2016. The first of its kind for the UK biscuit category, Nibbles were created as a result of collaboration between teams across the global pladis network.


Our mission is to provide happiness with every bite to all our consumers. To us that means happiness for people every day, in what they eat and what they do.

We believe we have a responsibility to make sure our consumers know what’s in our products and that it has been sourced ethically. People who enjoy our products come from all corners of the globe and we respect their diversity, preferences and sensitivities around dietary and religious requirements. We therefore label all our products to educate our consumers and enable them to make informed choices.

We have a responsibility to our communities too; they are an important part of the way our business operates.

From local suppliers and flagship factories, to recycling schemes and active kids programs, we believe we have a role to play. Our focus on helping children is evidenced through the sport and art projects of our broader group, Yildiz Holding, which has helped open doors for more than 2.4 million children in Turkey since 2007.

As a global business we of course have many laws and regulations to follow, we have Good Manufacturing Practices to abide by as well as food safety and quality systems to uphold. As we innovate and expand in the global food trade, we will continue to be a responsible manufacturer and work with authorities, academia, scientists, nutritionists and suppliers to ensure safety and quality at every stage of the food chain.